1.What plateforms does Netboom support?

At the moment, we support Windows, macOS, Android, iOS. Among that, only Windows, macOS and iPad can log on web.

2.Are the accounts of Android, Apple, and web interoperable?

Yes. Account from these 3 platforms are interoperable, and subscriptions are also interoperable. Currently, the web can only login with Google account.


3、How to cancel/ upgrade my subscription on the web?

You can cancel/ upgrade your subscription anytime.

  • If you subscribe on the web, go to the subscription plans page and click manage subscription to cancel/ upgrade your subscription.
  • If you subscribe on the Google Play Store, you need to go to the Google Play store to manage your subscription.
  • If you subscribe on the Apple store , you need to go to the Apple store to manage your subscription.

4、Can gold coins on the Android be used on the web?

Yes, your gold coins will be automatically converted into corresponding game time.


5、Can I get a free trial?

Currently, there are no free trials available.

You can join our community in discord(, which will hold events from time to time. Participate in the event, you can get free gold coins and use them to redeem game time.

6、Can I play GTA V at Netboom?

Yes. We optimized the virtual keyboard for GTA V to ensure your gaming experience at Netboom.

7、Does Netboom support in-game save function?

No. In-game save service is currently not supported. The function is under development, please wait a moment.

8、Do I still need to download the game when I paly it on Netboom?

No need to download or update, all you need is just click and play.


9、Does Netboom web support gamepad?

We support Xbox controllers、PS3/PS4 controllers and some other controllers, you can connect controllers with Netboom over Bluetooth or USB

10、Does Netboom web support bluetooth keyboard and mouse?

Yes, bluetooth keyboard and mouse is available.


11、Is it safe to log in to my account on Netboom?

Yes, it's safe, your account will only be saved locally on your device.